How can HCL Verse be customized?

Verse provides you with a set of extension points. These points, in the user interface, allow you to add capabilities and extend Verse to further meet your business needs.

You can add actions that users can take when reading, composing, or sending a message. You can create additional customizations such as a custom name picker for addressing messages or add links to the user interface. Use the documentation and sample extensions to get started.

Developer's Guide

Learning to customize HCL Verse is easy. Jump right in and learn about all the extension points, with our getting started guide.

Get Started

Install the Extension

Install the Verse Developer browser extension so that you can get your code working with HCL Verse.

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Develop your App

Develop your application to leverage the extension points available in HCL Verse.

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Sample Apps

Try out the set of sample apps on GitHub to see the HCL Verse extension points in action.

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